High Performance Training

Voltage is High Performance Training Based on the MetaPWR principles. We have re-designed what group classes are all about.

This isn’t your general circuit class, we’re taking strength & conditioning to a whole new level.

More energy, better results, at less cost. You’ll get all the benefits of a one on one program with the support system and lower price point of a group class.

Our highly experienced staff are dedicated to your success. We have years of experience getting real results for people of all demographics.

No more just turning up to classes, turn up to class with a purpose; a purpose to train and work hard to become a fitter, healthier version of you.

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Voltage Group Fitness

Combines explosive strength, ballistic and plyometric exercises to work your whole body in a short 30 minute session.

**Recommended rest period after this session is between 24 – 36 hours**

Fusion group fitness class

Fusion Group Fitness

Brings functional strength training into a class environment. Fusion is a 45 minute class with each week having a different focus;

*1st Monday of the month – Legs
*2nd Monday of the month – Chest & Triceps
*3rd Monday of the month – Back & Biceps
*4th Monday of the month – Shoulders

**Recommended rest period after this session between 36 – 48 hours***

Shock group fitness class

Shock Group Fitness

A Cycle HIIT (high intensity interval training) based class, giving you a full body workout incorporating the use of spin bikes, conditioning and full body exercises.

**Recommended rest period after this session is between 12 – 24 hours**

Burn group fitness class

Burn Group Fitness

Strengthen your legs & core with 45 minutes of resistance and cardio based exercises targeting the Butt, Abs & Thighs.

**Recommended rest period after this session is 0 hours**

Strike group fitness class

Strike Group Fitness

Focusing on proper boxing technique, Strike provides an overall full body strength & conditioning workout to help aid you with co-ordination, balance, muscular endurance, power, speed & cardiovascular fitness.

**Recommended rest period after this session is between 12 – 24 hours**

Power Trip Group Fitness class

Power Trip Fitness

Using full body movements and military style drills this group class will test your limits and push your boundaries boot camp style.

**Recommended rest period after this session is 0 hours**