High Performance Training

Voltage is High Performance Training Based on the MetaPWR principles, we have re-designed what group classes are all about.

This isn’t your general circuit class, we’re taking strength & conditioning to a whole new level.

No more just turning up to classes, turn up to class with a purpose; a purpose to train and work hard to become a fitter, healthier version of you.

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Voltage Group Fitness

Combines explosive strength, ballistic and plyometric exercises to work your whole body in a short 30 minute session.

**Recommended rest period after this session is between 24 – 36 hours**

Fusion group fitness class

Fusion Group Fitness

Brings functional strength training into a class environment. Fusion is a 45 minute class with each week having a different focus;

*1st Monday of the month – Legs
*2nd Monday of the month – Chest & Triceps
*3rd Monday of the month – Back & Biceps
*4th Monday of the month – Shoulders

**Recommended rest period after this session between 36 – 48 hours***

Shock group fitness class

Shock Group Fitness

A Cycle HIIT (high intensity interval training) based class, giving you a full body workout incorporating the use of spin bikes, conditioning and full body exercises.

**Recommended rest period after this session is between 12 – 24 hours**

Burn group fitness class

Burn Group Fitness

Strengthen your legs & core with 45 minutes of resistance and cardio based exercises targeting the Butt, Abs & Thighs.

**Recommended rest period after this session is 0 hours**

Strike group fitness class

Strike Group Fitness

Focusing on proper boxing technique, Strike provides an overall full body strength & conditioning workout to help aid you with co-ordination, balance, muscular endurance, power, speed & cardiovascular fitness.

**Recommended rest period after this session is between 12 – 24 hours**

Power Trip Group Fitness class

Power Trip Fitness

Using full body movements and military style drills this group class will test your limits and push your boundaries boot camp style.

**Recommended rest period after this session is 0 hours**