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Jessica Dexter

If you‘re looking for not just a gym but to be surrounded by friendly, like minded people who actually care about your goals then this is the place for you! I have attended many gyms previously but never felt quite at home like I do here. The trainers are fantastic and I actually enjoy going to workout - the classes are ace with plenty of times to choose from. Keep up the great work and would happily recommend to anyone

Jessica Dexter YHAF member
Amanda Davis

I approached YHAF because of the location, it looked progressive with lots of classes, plenty of new equipment and the fact that it is a 24hr gym. The boot camps, 12 week challenges and the fun days organised outside the gym have all been a great experience. Coming to YHAF is the best decision I made regarding my fitness. I am now the fittest and strongest I have ever been! I would recommend YHAF to people of all ages and fitness levels who need access to a 24hr gym, are looking to include some classes or use the great facilities. There is something for everyone!

Amanda Davis YHAF Member
Tony Williamson

Your Health & Fitness Gym has played a pivotal role in assisting me to achieve a much improved health and living standard. During my time at the gym I have received great guidance and support from all of the YHAF staff. The programme at the gym has given me an excellent understanding of using exercise as a positive influence in my life as well as the importance of making healthy choice decisions.

Tony Williamson YHAF Member