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Join us at Your Health and Fitness, where we merge personalised training and a vibrant community spirit to empower your fitness journey

Experience Personalised Wellness at YHAF

Welcome to a New Era of Fitness

At Your Health and Fitness (YHAF), we’re not just a gym… we’re a sanctuary for health and well-being, tailored to your unique fitness journey. 

Our approach combines cutting-edge training methods with a heartwarming community atmosphere, ensuring that every member feels both challenged and supported. With state-of-the-art facilities in Bunyip, Cranbourne, Clyde North & Pearcedale, our team of passionate fitness experts is dedicated to guiding you towards achieving your health goals. Whether it’s through our dynamic group classes, one-on-one personal training, or innovative wellness programs, we’re here to celebrate every milestone with you.

Join us at YHAF, where your fitness aspirations transform into reality.

convenient locations in Melbourne's south east

Four Great Locations

Discover our four outstanding gyms, each uniquely equipped to cater to your fitness needs. From Bunyip to Cranbourne, Clyde North, and Pearcedale, find your perfect fitness haven with YHAF.

Packages for all needs & budgets


See below for package starting prices. For more info call us on 1300 968 749

From $39 per week*

From $14.95 per week*

From $27 per week*

From $29 per week*

24/7 Gym, Dynamic Group Classes, Reformer Pilates, Ultimate Recovery

Total Body health & fitness

Explore a range of tailored services at YHAF, designed to energise and rejuvenate. From our 24/7 gym access and dynamic Voltage classes to rejuvenating Recharge sessions and focused Pilates, each service promises a unique path to your wellness goals.